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Watercolor Backgrounds

Another amazing set of multi-colored backgrounds coming your way, look out! The concept contains 10 jpg abstract watercolor textures with beautiful hand-drawn art composition. Like fascinating seascape, the whole realistic abstraction will play inspirationally on your graphics works. A bright grungy watercolor mess is a fab idea for your web and graphic design developing.

Paint canvas of your artworks by this extraordinary wallpaper folder that is full of a vintage vibe, potential to improve your design and plenty of using options. Particular decorative assets are useful as prints, for applications, advertising banners, for web sites, business cards, thumbnails for videos on YouTube, creating the story on Instagram, etc.

Abstraction backgrounds multicolor blend of vivid water paint for creative graphics

This abstract template set is modern aquarelle presentation of painting that is real as handmade by a professional painter. Its multicolored grunge backdrop causes deep feelings and admiration. There are you can see the perfect match of color, brush stroke, and pencil scrap that is displayed as outstanding hand stain abstraction. Brush stroked and non-ferrous spots like pastel shades beautifully supplementing each other.

The whole composition of this paint watercolor pattern set is full of vibrant and colorful details and hidden possibilities to pass all of these features to your projects. There is a colorful reflection of the sea sunset atmosphere that transferred by backdrop design of colored pencil drips and water splash. They provoke such soft and pleasure feelings.

Important facts about these minimalist painted backdrops

Drive your illustrations by the beauty of trendy old natural images. All these particular backgrounds are high-quality and print ready. We encourage you to try them as materials for:

  1. Presentation filling;
  2. Suitable as a wallpaper for your desktop and smartphone/device. For applications;
  3. Making covers for devices;
  4. Greeting cards and packing paper décor;
  5. Decorative showcase texture;
  6. Decoration of advertising banners Google Adwords Banner, Facebook, Instagram;
  7. Background for the website (use in web design);
  8. Issue business cards, flyers, promotional items.

Additional information:

  • Graphics Files Included: JPG Image
  • Pixel Dimensions: 3000x2000
  • Resolution: 72 dpi